i'm chandru. i am mostly three things: writer, coder, designer.

most recently:
working as product manager / ui/ux at urlshortener.io.
worked as product manager + occasional Backbone coder at around.io.

reach me:
chandru89new [at] gmail.


emails and communication copy.
outreach via guest posts.

eCommerce blog (ghostwriting, current).
bestandroidapps.com (current).

In the past:
in-house blogger / vlogger for igeeksblog.com.
ghostwriting for an SEO expert.
newsletter writer for bootstrappist.com (now defunct).


Cards for Humanity (CSS):
simple CSS/SASS library for having some card UI in your app. configurable through SASS variables. on github.

Unspiration (Vue):
random photos from Unsplash. but only those with all EXIF data. lives here.

psst (JS):
handy plugin to handle "paste" and "drop" events on any page. on github.

Paste→Upload (Vue):
got a screenshot in clipboard, need a quick way to share it with someone. upload to imgur but just by pasting it on this page. uses imgur API. remembers the last 5 screenshots. demo here.

hideBars (Chrome plugin):
unpublished plugin. fed up of the large Medium sticky headers and footers. one click to remove them all. on github.

gen_id (JS):
a JS library to generate random strings of various types (alpha, lowercase alpha, alphanumeric, alphanumericsymbol etc). demo here.

rndstring (JS):
another random string library, this time generating pronounceable strings useful in shortlinks or non-trivial passwords etc. view here.


designed the web app.
wireframes and assets for mobile app.
websites and other landing pages.

UI for a prototype habit-forming/tracking app. wireframes/design here.

envisioned before the days of Instagram 'post' API. app for online sellers to promote their shop on Instagram (sort of like reminders) but with collections and stuff. some designs here.

rules of social:
you create rules. app automatically posts to social media. prototype UI design. pictures.

etsy seller hub:
resource center for etsy sellers. just static website. not responsive (blasphemy!). here.

imagined as a simple, end-of-the-day task/status tracker for small teams. screens.