Content Strategy: 7 Rules.

1. It's long term.
If you're testing content as a marketing channel, give every major experiment at least 6 months.
2. one experiment, one goal
No more, no less. Have just one super-specific goal with every content-related experiment.
3. only three experiments
Run no more than 3 experiments at a time. The lesser, the better.
4. Treat content as product
Content requires a lot of effort in distribution. 20% creation, 80% distribution.
5. Put people at the center
Tell stories of people. Interview them. Ask the experts. Feature people. Always weave content around people.
6. Keep experimenting with formats
Pick new formats. Combine older formats to create new ones. Leverage new formats on all media.
7. Do what's not done before
Content, format, presentation, style, substance, distribution... try to infuse innovative ideas into these.